Co-author Lonely Planet Ethiopian Amharic Phrasebook re-print 2017.

Translator & Interpreter Over 10 years experience in Translation, Interpreting, voice-overs, subtitling and online project work in Amharic to English and English to Amharic languages.

Experience working for Australia based companies SBS TV, Lonely Planet Publication and government departments, Department of Immigration and various government agencies.

Experience covering legal, immigration, domestic, insurance, health, film, publications and various other areas.

Academic Credentials
* National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) ACCREDITED AMHARIC>ENGLISH /ENGLISH>AMHARIC
* Postgraduate Degree Commerce

Freelance Interpreter and Translator Amharic/English

Overview: Provided various translations, on-site/telephone interpreting and voice-over assignments from Amharic to English and English to Amharic for various private and government organisations.

Company Description:
SBS operates six free-to-air TV channels and eight radio stations and World Movies, a subscription TV channel. SBS Online provides audio streaming of all of our language programs and is home to SBS On Demand video streaming service. In Australia SBS is one of five main free-to-air networks.

Freelance Translator Amharic to English (subtitling in English)
Overview: Provided Amharic to English subtitling for major Amharic films aired on SBS TV. Films Amharic subtitling provided for include Teza by Haile Gerima and Live and Become - A multi-award winning film directed by Romanian-born Radu Mihaileanu and other short term documentary titles.

Working at SBS TV studio or personal office reviewing film segments and providing translation. Liasing with English speaking editor to work out a suitable translation taking into account time constraints and tight deadlines.

Working with various file formats and video editing software to manage translation.

Freelance Translator Amharic to English (Africa to Australia online Project SBS)
Overview: Managed the Amharic language component of this online project.

Reviewed interviews conducted with Amharic speaking migrants to Australia and provide translation.
Installed and applied the required Amharic fonts to suite the desired online style.
Worked in close contact with SBS project leader to resolve issues and achieve delivery of final document.

Co-author Lonely Planet Ethiopian Amharic Phrasebook 2008. Latest re-print 2017.